A 32-year-old woman of Chipata Township has pleaded with Matero Local Court to restrain a 26-year-old woman from interfering with her marriage.

Precious Nakazwe told the court that she has tried everything within her power and knowledge to keep Rina Moya away from her husband, including beating her but nothing seemed to work.

“I assaulted her after discovering that she was going out with my husband. This resulted in me being detained at Chimbokaila for one week before compensating her with K3,000.

On February 17, 2024, around 22 hours, I was seated at home watching TV when my phone rang,” she told the court. Nakazwe said Moya told her to tell her husband to pick up her calls or else her parents would dump her at their house because she was pregnant for him (Nakazwe’s husband).

“She told me that even my mother-in-law knew about her pregnancy. I cut the line but she started sending me messages,” Nakazwe said.

She said she has become fearful despite being the owner of the husband and fails to eat each time Moya calls her. She appealed to the court to restrain Moya from calling or coming near her.

Moya, however, explained that Nakazwe’s uncle and sister were present during the discussions over her pregnancy and they are the ones who advised that she contacts Nakazwe and not her husband whenever she needed something.

“This is why I call her otherwise I don’t have any authority to call her,” she said. Moya told the court that when Nakazwe’s husband proposed love to her last year, he told her that he was not married.
Magistrate Harriet Mulenga warned Moya that her actions would only attract generational curses.

She granted Nakazwe a restraining order against Moya and ordered Moya to compensate the plaintiff with K5,000, starting with K1,000 to be followed by K500 monthly instalments.

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