Wife allegedly kills husband dumps his body on the road side in Lusaka near Apollo Military Camp


…..dumps his body on the road side in Lusaka near Apollo Military Camp

Lusaka…. Friday April 5, 2024

At 0500 hours today, Marcopolo Police Post received a distressing report regarding a h0micide case involving the tragic d€ath of Mr. Winston Mulenga Kabaso, aged 48, a civilian employee residing at house number LCC 58, Apollo Military Camp.

The report was filed by Mr. Martin Daka, aged 50, a Zambia Army Provost Officer residing at house number MC 2B 346, Apollo Military Camp.

According to Mr. Daka’s account, he was informed by Staff Sergeant Chipili Musonda Saviour, aged 45, residing at house LCC 376, Apollo Military Camp, about the discovery of a deceased male along the road leading to the old camp.

Upon immediate investigation, the body was identified as that of Mr. Winston Kabaso Mulenga. Subsequently, Mr. Daka reported the incident to Marcopolo Police Post.

Upon arrival at the scene, police scenes of cr!me officers confirmed the murd€r case.

The body of Mr. Kabaso Mulenga exhibited injuries including a cut on the right side of the face, a depressed forehead, and swelling on the back of the head, indicating a violent altercation.

Further examination revealed evidence suggesting the body had been dumped at the location, with blood droplets leading from the scene to the victim’s residence.

Upon searching the premises, officers discovered blood stains on the passage door frame, the kitchen door mat (which was found on the roof), and a pounding stick with blood stains.

Additionally, during the investigation, a juvenile, aged 6 and the son of the deceased couple, provided crucial information indicating that his parents were engaged in a v!olent altercation the previous night.

As a result of the gathered evidence and testimonies, Mrs. Agness Mulebi, the wife of the deceased, has been detained in police lawful custody on suspicion of murder.

The investigation into this tragic incident is ongoing, and the Zambia Police Service would like to assure the public that every effort will be made to bring those responsible to justice.

Rae Hamoonga

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