Who is better between Yo Maps and Chile One?

Who is better between Yo Maps and Chile One?

I am one person who has followed modern Zambian music for over 20 years now, at some point I event considered being a radio presenter

So let me take you back on journey especially for those who might have been young at the time, in 2003 to be precise.

In 2003 Dannykayamusic released his Yakumbuyo album which had songs like Njelela, Pantu Muconcluda, Joni and the controversial title track Yakumbuyo.

Exile now known as Izrael gave us his debut album So Lucky with songs like the title track, Kumvela Nimvela and Yeti.

JK brought us the Helena album which on one song, Dzokera, he featured the legendary Zimbabwen musician, Oliver Mtukudzi. Other songs were Elyoni Elyoni the music video of which played almost everyday on ZNBC and my favourite off the album, Nkala Kupembela ( I remember dedicating this song to my then lover when she went for holidays )

K’millian came on the scene with with the self titled album with songs like Bwela, Niwe Weka and Ule Ibukisha – a song I remember hearing for the first time on Radio Phoenix at night while sleeping mu hostel and going wow

That same year, Namanje a duo comprising of Hamoba and Chatu debuted with the Ika Spaka album with songs like Chimalita, Nimakodwela

The talented vocalist, writer and music producer Joe Chibangu also blessed us with The Ambassador album which featured the songs Chimudala, Nakupenda.

TY2 also hit us with the Smile album, the title track of which topped the charts. Other songs where Nimakulota and Wish You Could See.

As you can see, 2003 was a beautiful year as we had a buffet of albums – some of which I might have not mentioned – and we listened to all of them in equal measure, well at least I did. I don’t remember people comparing one artist to the other, we just enjoyed the music.

Of course, we had rumors like Danny ale setting’a JK muli Yakumbuyo but that was it, we still listened to them both.

Comparing artists, if my memory serves me right, came after the Lusaka vs Kopala beef championed by Macky2 and Slapdee. Before that we just enjoyed the music, on one CD you could have Danny, JK, Exile, Glorious Band, Joe Chibangu etc

Nomba these days, we have some fans supporting Chile One MrZambia, others Yo Maps Yo, others Mordecaii zm and the others Y Celeb etc.

That in itself isn’t wrong as people have different tastes but it doesn’t mean you should bring the other musician down. If you don’t like one musician’s music then you are not the target audience, let others enjoy in peace.

Our focus right now should be pushing Zambian music to the world and not debating who is the best between chite and chite ‍♂️

Isaac Mukando
Zambian Music Follower| Filmmaker | Photographer | Graphic Designer | Social Media Specialist

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