When you engage and talk to President Lungu, he meant well. President Lungu was available to talk despite occupying a busy office- Fr. Emmanuel Chikoya


Former President Edgar Chagwa Lungu meant well for this country, says Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) General Secretary Fr. Emmanuel Chikoya.

Speaking when he featured on the Conversation Podcast hosted by Ambassador Emmanuel Mwamba last evening, Fr. Chikoya said under President Lungu, the country witnessed massive infrastructure development.

The Clergyman said President Lungu did well when it came to infrastructure development where the country witnessed the construction of roads, schools, hospitals among other infrastructure developments.

“When you engage and talk to him (President Lungu), he meant well. President Lungu was available to talk despite occupying a busy office. He was willing to let go all the protocols in order to see us in a room without any security personnel,” he said.

“He did his part when it comes to infrastructure development, and I can say he did his part.”

The CCZ Secretary General also indicated that the current President Hakainde Hichilema was voted into office in large numbers by Zambians but that he has failed to fix what he promised to fix while in office.

Fr. Chikoya said President Hichilema while in opposition cited poor leadership in government hence the promise to fix the country.

He said even issues such as the outbreak of cholera and the current drought, President Hichilema cited poor leadership from those then in government the scenario he is faced with at the moment.

Fr. Chikoya emphasized that Zambians expect nothing from the Head of State but the best such as dealing with the high cost of living faced by majority Zambians.

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