What is the short term action plan?

What is the short term action plan?

If the management team has run out of ideas and has adopted a “do nothing strategy”, and the board of directors is just watching, isn’t it time to change the board?

The reason why ZESCO has competitive remuneration for top management is to make sure that top and innovative talent can be attracted and retained.

Now, if the board which is equally well rewarded has equally run out of ideas and not making any changes to management to deal with the short, medium and long term needs, what’s the use of retaining them?

There is no substitute for merit based appointments to get the Zambian economy going. Some of these problems look impossible to solve because we have wrong people entrusted with roles that need top talent, internationally experienced and innovative minds.

The only thing which the current board and management are succeeding to achieve is to frustrate citizens to an extent where no one will be able to defend any proposal to sell ZESCO to foreign interests.




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