The nation needs new leadership for the future. And we are ready to deliver that new leadership for Zambia’s future.

I personally have a passionate commitment to Zambia’s future. The values I bring to leadership are the values instilled in me by my strong upbringing. I understand that life is sometimes harsh. But I believe that as a people we have a responsibility when one of us falls down, we must help to lift them back up. That’s what decency and fairness is all about.

Another thing I have learnt is the absolute value of hard work. Of not being wasteful. And the importance of planning for the future. For me, these are enduring values. And these are the values that as President I would bring to our nation’s challenges.

In 2026, Zambians will face another stark choice: a choice between the future and the past. We will be faced with a choice how we want to secure the future for our children, for our communities and for our nation. We believe that the government of Zambia must truly change in the real sense. The policies that the current and previous government have pursued and advanced belong to the past and are not helping the great majority of our people. For us, our solution are centred around policies that put Zambians first. That put the great Zambians first.

After two years and nine months, the Mr Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND government have lost touch with the poor and working people. They no longer understand what fairness, justice, equity and peace actually mean. They simply don’t understand the new challenges that we face now and in the future.

The challenge is to truly change our hospitals and make health services free and socialised. And above all, the challenge to transform our education system and make it free, of great quality and socialised.

The UPND have no plans for the future because it’s not going to be there to deal with the challenges of the future. The way forward for Zambia is to choose Compatriots and a party with progressive ideas to meet the challenges of the future.

A new leader and a new government who understand and respect the values upon which our independence struggle was fought. Look at the way in which our land is being dished out anyhow? We need leaders with values of honesty, equity, humility and solidarity. We need to build a Zambia anchored on justice, equity and peace. We need a nation where there’s decency, fairness and respect. You can’t have a plan for Zambia’s future if you have lost sight of such basic values.

For us as SP, these values are in our DNA.

Zambia needs new leadership with fresh ideas for the future. The Socialist Party is offering new leadership with a plan for the future.

Nation building requires vision. And the cornerstone of our vision for Zambia’s future is an education revolution. We believe passionately in the power of education. We believe education is the engine room of equity. And the engine room of the economy.Our vision for Zambia is to build a very good education system – so that we produce an innovative, skilled and well trained workforce.

The economies we are competing against are making huge new investments in education. They know that knowledge intensive economies will be the wealthiest economies of the future. We must take decisive action now.

We need nothing less than an education to improve radically the performance of the education system. Universities are critical to the education revolution that Zambia so urgently needs. Zambia cannot be put on the path of a knowledge economy if we do not help our universities attract and retain our best scientists, innovators and researchers into the future.

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party

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