VERY SAD:Popular Kabwata hairdresser commonly known as Chris Dreadlocks has died after battling cancer


Popular Kabwata hairdresser commonly known as Chris Dreadlocks has died after battling cancer.

Chris died in the early hours of today, his friends and pastor have confirmed on Facebook. Many of his customers and friends have taken to social media to express their profound grief over Chris’ death.


Very Sad Chris ❗️

I was at the hospital with Chris when he received the news that he now has TWINS after many years of waiting. He said to me Pastor K, if there is something that has changed my life is God answering my prayer of many years, I AM NOW A FATHER TO TWINS. We celebrated and laughed together as if life has no problems.

TODAY Chris is no more, I am sure if he had way of negotiating for more time he would have just so that HE SEES his children grow . His babies are yet clock a year old. His wife has lost a husband, his children have lost a father, his workers have lost a boss.

✅No one will come out of this life alive
✅No one will live forever
✅No matter how long you live, one day you shall die
✅No man has eternity to full every good plan and to please every human being. Focus on your purpose.
✅Whatever you have to do, do it it today not tomorrow because tomorrow might be your worst day of your life.

WHILST we still have this breath;
✅Let’s put pride away and live at peace with one another
✅Let’s love without limit
✅Let us forgive without conditions
✅Let us fear God because this the whole duty of men

GO WELL CHRIS, we are comforted that you were born again and helped the community with your talent and skill.

Good night and see you in the morning.

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