Lately, I have seen on story attributed to President HH and other to Minister of Information and Chief Government spokesperson, Cornelius Mweetwa on beer. The two stories suggest that beer is not good for Zambia.

I remember seven years ago, President HH, then in opposition, posted on his Facebook handle a Sabbath message where he cited Proverbs 20:1. The post suggested that those in leadership should not drink wine or have a craving for alcohol on account that if they drink, they forget the laws and ignore the rights of people in need. The post also suggests that it is stupid to get drunk.

The recollections above suggest that UPND has serious repugnant issues with wine and alcohol.

On hand, UPND has among its leaders, including those in cabinet who drink wine and alcohol.

On the other hand, UPND has put in place fiscal targets, through budget, intended to maximize revenue from wine and alcohol consumption. Consequently, since 2021, Government revenue from drunken men and women, ( from beer sales alone) has consistently been 5% of total national budget. In fact, beer sales revenue alone has consistently exceeded the budget FISP allocation since 2021.

Thus, it is fallacy to rebuke wine and alcohol consumption in one hand, and facilitate the minting of cool cash on the other hand. This, in my view, is serious contradiction in terms.

To be clear, UPND in government need not be contradictory on its beer policy.

Has UPND got any policy on wine and alcohol? If not, is this the reason that UPND in government has inherited PF and MMD wine and beer policies mutatis mutandis?

Clearly, UPND in government is engaged in wine and beer sales and promotion against the conscious of the President and some of his cabinet.

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