UPND have lamentably failed- Fred M’membe


When those elected to provide solutions fail to deliver, the people have no alternative but to remove them from power.

If those in government cause more pain, misery and suffering than they found, the people have no choice but to remove them from power and find alternatives. It can’t be that you fail, and then you start putting pressure on those that were not given the mandate to govern to provide solutions. Why are you there then? You claimed to have the correct formula for the problems but suddenly you have lost it. How?

We urge the current government to provide solutions to the promises they made to the people or leave in 2026. They were elected based on what they promised the people and not to bring immigalato or to deepen the crisis.

And we can all clearly see, even those in denial that Mr Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND have lamentably failed to provide solutions to the many promises they made, and that the only thing they can offer now chintinya nobufi.

Zambians should be empowered to know that when governments are given the mandate by the people to address their promises, the manifesto they present at election time to the electorate becomes the marking key. And politicians must own up when things fail and not pretending to be implementing the flowery promised they made. Ukusabaila nobufi when failure is written all over their faces!

A government is responsible for providing solutions to the problems in the country and not the opposition. The opposition only compliments. So the UPND should stop being mischievous by throwing it’s failures to the opposition by always saying “What is the alternative or what can you do in this case?” As if they are even prepared to implement the numerous proposals coming from the opposition. How many solid ideas and solutions have we shared with them without them deliberately misrepresenting or maligning us?

The people of Zambia put Mr Hichilema and the UPND government in power to provide solutions and address problems such as the high cost of living, high fuel costs, terrible loadshedding, shrinking democratic space. Therefore, solutions to these problems and many others should come from the UPND. That’s the job of the sitting government and not opposition.

Like we have said, the legitimate job of the opposition is compliment by providing checks and balances, pointing the government in power to the correct things that they should be doing.

And a listening government should take note of what the opposition is saying. And not adopting a know it all attitude or Mr Hichilema’s famous words “for the first time in history”.

Let Mr Hichilema listen, an overdose of praise through his self-praise and praise singers will sink him sooner than letter.

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party

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