United Kwacha Alliance To Fundraise Money For Hon. Jean Chisenga




The United Kwacha Alliance, UKA, has resolved to fundraise money for Hon. Jean Chisenga, Member of Parliament for Mambilima Constituency who has been suspended today for calling President Hakainde Hichilema a liar.

As United Kwacha Alliance, UKA, we believe that Hon. Chisenga was on firm ground to call President Hichilema a liar, because she was only expressing herself on behalf of many Zambians who hold the same view, that the President lied to them.

Among the many things Zambians feel lied to include;

1. Mealie meal at K50.
2. Fuel at K12
3. Affordable cost of living
4. Affordable electricity tariffs
5. 7 Bags of fertilizer each.
6. Constitutional amendments road map
7. Freedom of expression and association
8. No political violence
9. No politically biased arrests
10. Corrupt free UPND Government
11. No cadres in markets and bus stations
12. Reduced Presidential trips
13. Low cost of doing business
14. Return of Vedanta back to KCM
15. Removal of tax holidays for the mines
16. No political interference in the running of the courts and democratic institutions, etc

UKA supports and stands with the Mambilima lawmaker and urges the Speaker to conduct the business of the house without intimidation. We, further, urge President Hichilema to apologise to the Zambian people on the many lies he told them when ascending to power.

UKA sadly notes that, Speaker Nelly Mutti, in 2 years, has presided over more suspensions than in the entire life of Parliament since 1964. Truth be told, when the President walks into Parliament, he becomes a Member of Parliament and not a stranger, to be called a dignitary.

Unfortunately, there is too much lack of understanding in the front bench and the management of the house. The Commonwealth Parliamentary procedures are being violated with impunity every day.

To demonstrate our support, UKA will spearhead the fundraising of Hon Chisenga’s monthly Parliamentary income during her suspension. We have already kick started the fundraising, K5,000 has already been raised.

We call on all UKA members, sympathisers, supporters and all Zambians that stand for justice and fairness to join this fundraising as a way to protect our growing democracy.

For your financial contributions kindly get in touch with the UKA Secretariat on +260978773976 (Mobile Money Transactions).

May God bless our Nation and Happy Easter.

Issued by
Saboi Imboela
Chairperson- Media
United Kwacha Alliance – UKA
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