Tiger Wood’s 15-year-old son, Charlie aims to qualify for his inaugural PGA Tour competition

15-year-old prodigy is set to participate in a PGA Tour pre-qualifier on Thursday, aiming to secure a spot in the Cognizant Classic in Florida from February 29 to March 3, as announced by the PGA Tour on its website on Wednesday.

Charlie will compete at Lost Lake Golf Club in Hobe Sound, Florida, which is one of four pre-qualifying venues for the Classic.

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Following this, a total of 25 players will advance to a full qualifier on Monday, with four players earning the opportunity to tee off in the Cognizant Classic alongside professionals such as Rickie Fowler and current world No. 2 Rory McIlroy.

If successful, the son of the 82-time PGA Tour champion will be just 15 years and 21 days old, surpassing his father, who played his first Tour event at the age of 16, according to USA Today.

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Charlie has previously teamed up with his father in the two-player PNC Championship, which pairs major champions with family members. According to ESPN, Tiger and Charlie secured second place in the 2021 event.

In addition to Charlie, Tiger shares a daughter named Sam Alexis, aged 16, with his ex-wife Elin Nordegren. In December 2023, she also joined the pair at the PNC Championship, serving as her father’s caddie for the first time at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club in Orlando, Florida.

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In a video shared on the PGA Tour and PNC Championship’s Instagram pages, Sam was seen standing beside her father, engaging in conversation as she cleaned one of his clubs.

“For the first time, Sam Woods is caddying for her father today ❤,” the post’s caption read.

“I just love being with them and seeing what they’re doing, what they’re capable of doing—the joys, just the shifts of interest,” the golf legend said of his children in 2011. “It’s just fun. We have a great time together.”

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