They said I would bring cows in town – Hichilema

They said I would bring cows in town – Hichilema

PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema yesterday laughed off pre-election accusations by his opponents that once elected, he would shift his cows to town.

He was speaking in Ndola yesterday when he commissioned Chifubu Level One Hospital which was constructed with the help of the British government.

President Hichilema said the only cows he has brought to towns on the Copperbelt are the revival of the inoperative mines, new health facilities and roads constructed at a low a cost.

The Head of State said running a country required tough grind and not being roguish.

He also re-opened the James Lawless Aeromedical Centre in Chifubu Township under the Zambia Flying Doctor Services, which has been inactive for the past four years.

President Hichilema said his government was committed to service provision unlike the previous regime whose leaders deceived the masses from morning to sunset.

“They lied that when you vote for me I will sell this country. Innocent me how can I sell our country? They said I will bring cattle in town ‘hahaha our friends’ they have too much talk time. But I want to assure you that I can’t put this country up for sale,” President Hichilema said.

“Do you know of any market where they sell countries? You get a country put it in your suitcase, get on a plane you go and sell? Isn’t that being useless? I agree the cows I have brought to town is Chifubu level one hospital that’s the cow.”

He said other ‘cows’ roaming around the towns on the Copperbelt were Mopani Copper Mines, Chingola, Chililabombwe road and flying doctor services.

The President noted that development has been sluggish in the past few years due to bad leadership but his government was untiring to see to it that things get better.

“Don’t listen to cheap talk, we should have been in government a long time ago. This country would have changed by now tremendously if you had allowed us to serve but anyway God says his ways are not our ways our timing is not his timing,”President Hichilema said.

“We don’t sleep, the way our friends used to sleep and dance in Lusaka no. We have to work. Lusaka teyakulalafye noku Shana ku Bomba (Lusaka is not about sleeping and dancing you work).”

He said the UPND has exhibited exemplary leadership by doing quality projects at a low cost.

“Immediately the rains end you will see works on the Ndola Lusaka High way and we are doing it at K$500 per kilometer the total road is basically $600 million. The PF were going to do it at $1.3 billion (nibukabwalala ubo) that’s stealing,” President Hichilema said.

“We must be serious as a country, running a government tekwangala iyo (it’s not a stage show). Let’s change leadership in our country.”

He indicated that he will pay no attention to distractors as his aim is to work his fingers to the bone.

“We will not be listening to those saying alebwelelaopo akekala pesa?Natwikala akale (where will he seat? am already occupying the seat of authority),” the President said in reference to his predecessor.

“Abena Chifubu mulefwaya ulubuli mu matket lubwelele? Mulefwaya ulubuli muma bus stop lubwele? Natwikala kale. Kubombafye(do you wish for violence in markets and bus stations again? We are already in charge just work) ngatawakwata ifyakucita wayalala mu nganda, washana shana, wakolwako ifyakucita fingisana (If you have nothing to do just go home and sleep, you dance to some music or drink)there are many things to do.”

He said his predecessor Edgar Lungu was an attention seeker but he will not fall for his antics.

“I don’t want to talk much about that man he’s just disturbing our work, but all I want to emphasize is that let’s work hard,” said President Hichilema.

Minister of health Sylvia Masebo who thanked the President for the increased budget allocation in the health sector said, her ministry is committed to improving health service delivery by increasing the number of health workers.

“As for health workers show why you are health workers. look after people, love them, care for them. We have a lot to do in terms of attitude but I assure we are going to improve,” said Masebo.

And provincial minister Eslisha Matambo said the President’s five-day visit on the Copperbelt has left a huge impact.

“The spirit you have of bringing dead projects and institutions to life, Zambia will no be the same,”said Matambo.

By Mwaka Ndawa


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