There is an evil woman within Mutale Mwanza’s circle that has bewitched her sight, Prophet Isaac says

There is an evil woman within Mutale Mwanza’s circle that has bewitched her sight, Prophet Isaac says.

The Prophet is believed to have known he had a special gift, one that enabled him to see into the future though even he could not have foreseen the powerful vision that would come to him.

As Ghost Embassy Ministries Prophet only identified as “Isaac” sat alone in his study, the air around him seemed to hum with an electric charge as the shadows in the room began to shift and dance.

Suddenly, a blinding light filled the room and the prophet was transported to another time and place where he saw Zambia’s Media Personality “Mutale Mwanza’s life hanging in the balance as the forces of good and evil were battling for her soul.

Prophet Isaac reveals that the spirit of the Lord took him over the land of Lusaka and showed him a group of friends who were gathered together which involved Mutale Mwanza and her circle.

“I asked the angel of the Lord what this was all about and the angel told me to pray for Mutale Mwanza, one of Zambia’s favourite person”, part of Prophet Isaac’s Facebook post said.

“The spirit of the Lord revealed to me that there is an evil woman within Mutale’s circle who has used the powers of witchcraft to cause mysterious headaches which resulted in an evil manifestation in her body”, the self-proclaimed prophet said.

He added, “Mutale if you are reading this, remember a woman you took a picture with and had a fight with, this is a woman that took the picture to the sangoma”.

The prophet confidently attributed that the powerful Sangoma that is visited by some top politicians therefore did a ritual on Mutale’s picture with 4 ritual nails which led her to have strange feelings in her eyes, heart and head.

“I believe that the devil cannot fight Mutale and her destiny, she should know that her best friends can be jealous of her but can’t dim her shine”.

“At only Ghost Embassy, we are praying for you Mutale to regain your health and sight in particular “, the prophet promised.

Mutale is believed to be unwell for some days now and is evidenced by by her recent social media posts including confirmation that was published by her management team.

The self-proclaimed prophet remains certain that if he is a prophet, then Mutale shall triumph and conquer the world not just Africa.

By Sharon Zulu


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