The Teaching Service Commission Satisfied With Recruitment Process


The Teaching Service Commission (TSC) has expressed satisfaction with the teacher recruitment process in Central Province. TSC Commissioner Regina Musokotwane notes that out of the districts that she has had interactions with in the province, so far, only Mkushi and Kapiri had a similar problem of external officers entering data on the computers as opposed to their observer role.

Speaking when she called on Central Province Permanent Secretary Milner Mwanakampwe, Ms Musokotwane said she was in the region to evaluate the recently held teacher recruitment exercise in order to appreciate the challenges and successes that the committee may have encountered.

“Most districts have done well. Only two districts, Kapiri Mposhi and Mkushi, had problems that were not physical or technical but human. The external officers from one external institution took over the show and started entering data defying all the guidance,” Ms Musokotwane said.

Meanwhile, Mr Mwanakampwe, however, observed that the teacher recruitment process did not get representation from other institutions.

Mr Mwanakampwe disclosed that the provincial administration has written the TSC commission to raise all the concerns surrounding the recruitment process.

“The TSC is not a stand-alone commission and as servants of the people we must be kept in the loop. Going forward we will be reluctant for the teacher recruitment process to commence if those issues are not addressed,” Mr Mwanakampwe said.

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