By Bola ya kumwesu | January 6th, 2024

ZANACO FC head coach Wedson NYIRENDA was left frustrated after his teams struggle for maximum points continued in their last six games.With the latest result being posted at Dola hill ground where they shared 1-1 spoils with Forest Rangers in a week 19 fixture.

The home team got the breakthrough in the first half through Eric Chomba’s sumptuous goal in the 22nd minutes, while the Bankers restored parity in the 56th minute courtesy of Chawanagwa Kaonga after a wonderful build up with Inter changing of passes.

” We do not have strikers.You know it’s one thing to have attackers and it’s another thing to have finishers.We do not have any finisher In the team everyone is just a ball playing striker.It’s a team problem and it’s also a Zambia’s problem.Big big problem we have in Zambia, I may use a bad word for the players we have in Zambia I don’t want to use it,” said Wedson NYIRENDA.

” The strikers are cowards , they’re cowards they don’t want to take chances.How to do you expect to score goals When you don’t want to place yourself in a good scoring position .Nobody is initiating that move that shows he want to score.That guy who has come from Cameroon (Freddy Michael Kouablan) he has taken advantage of it, because for him he is not a ball player or what .He is just turning all the time and place himself in a scoring position and gets the goal, So he has seen that this people are not doing it , I have to do it.Look at the difference between him , the second and other players.”

Nyirenda further added that , the strikers in the Zambian league lacks knack for goals that’s why they play 45 minutes without a shot on target which is unfortunate.The gaffer said there is need to work on the foundation (academy’s) where these players are coming from if we are to curb scoring challenges.

” It is a big problem and now I don’t know for how many years we are talking about the same things.
Believe me we can’t have a league where we have a player scoring 14 goals as a top scorer and gets the award we need to change this.Lets say for you to get a top scorer award you need to score 25 goals and above.I remember scoring 28 goals in one season in 1990, and I want number eight.”

“We do not have the players who are taking it upon themselves that I can do this.My word today is we have so many cowards in the game.We want to play inside instead of looking for the ball behind the defense and place yourself where you get a scoring chance whether from the wing,” He added.

Following their one all draw against Forest Rangers ZANACO are 9th on the log table four points off the relegation zone.

“We need to bring in some players who can do the job.We have to recruit the best players that are there on the market if Zanaco wants it.For Zanaco it’s three games consistent we are there not getting maximum points, so we need to bring in somebody to do the job.”

Nyirenda also heaped praises on ZANACO goalkeeper Lameck Siame for his brilliant performance this season.

“I don’t think I believe and i know he was supposed to be there(National team).For me he is supposed to be there that’s so.Because he has done well and accounted for himself very well.Better than some people who are there.”

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