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Yesterday morning, a United Party for National Development ( UPND)Government Operative sent us a PDF document of what is generally called a ” Special Audit” report with a note that we are the most credible media organisation that can analyse and present the audit report in the best way to the public. We were surprised to receive such accolades from such a person but we later discovered that person wanted us to legitimise this audit report.

Before we go any further talking about this ” audit” report, we have a warning to make to all third parties including our fellow Journalists.

We have continued to receive so many requests from both third parties and fellow journalists discouraging us to write about certain people they are close to or drop stories of those they are close to. We have also witnessed a rise in numbers of people approaching us to close this page and get jobs or businesses from the current government. Stop it. This is the last time we are saying this. We are not cheap and unethical journalists. Since you do not want us to write about your friends, we will then be writing about you

We have said it before and we will say it again. Anyone mentioned on our page who feels aggrieved should take us to court and we will come. So far from the time we launched this page, no one has disputed any of our story. Heed this call.

Back to the ” Special Audit Report” released by Dr.Ron Mwambwa who is purporting to be Auditor General. Listen carefully to what we will say here and the reasons we will give.

To us as the Zambian Whistleblower, we consider this ” Special Audit Report” illegal and belong to the Trash bin.

We will not analyse anything from it and we will just be reading the stories about it from other media organisations because we believe it is not only illegal but also a malicious product of hate by Hakainde Hichilema, his minions and useful idiots.


First and foremost, it is an undeniable fact that we at one time belonged to the Zambian Watchdog and we wrote most of the stories concerning companies and institutions named in this illegal document. Some explanations were made then some satisfactorily some not. Our interest as Zambian Whistleblower is the current corruption and abuse and we would be glad to digest and analyse the current Finacial Intelligence Centre ( FIC) Report which states that US $ 2.8 billion has been externalised under the UPND government.

We would like to know why President Hakainde Hichilema is not publicly receiving FIC reports unlike under President Edgar Lungu were the FIC Report was presented to the President publicly, no one has seen President Hakainde Hichilema receive the FIC report. He is simply hiding something.

So as long as we have no access to reports that disclose current plunder, we will not have any time to waste on an archaic audit report that can easily be believed to be targeting people.

The other reason why we will not have anything to do with the ” RUBBISH” produced by Mwambwa is because we believe Mwambwa is illegally in office and whatever he produces is an illegal document. For those who may not be aware, we are the only media organisation that covered fully the entire plan to dislodge former Auditor General Dr. Dick Sichembe and replace him with Ron Mwambwa who had retired.

We believe that now Zambians believe us when we said the UPND wanted to remove Dr. Sichembe because they had evil plans. The evil plans have now culminated into this rubbish called ” Special Audit Report”. Ron Mwambwa does not qualify to be ratified by Parliament as Auditor General because he has already reached the retirement age of 65 years. That is why he is still called acting Auditor General. He is just a fossil exhumed from retirement just like Inspector General of Police Graphael Musamba to perform a specific task for the UPND Government among them fixing business competitors like Mikalile.

We wrote about the Mikalile debt when we were at the Zambian Watchdog and the circumstances were explained . We do not know how that matter has resurfaced. We will soon know.

We have noticed that some of the audit queries date as far back as 2006 when Ron Mwambwa was deputy Auditor General to Ms. Anna Chifungula, why didn’t he raise those queries then? From our side, it is very clear that the establishment of the Fast Track Financial and Economic Crimes Court was created to perform tasks to come out from such rubbish as the one recently released. If Zambia has impartial judicial officers, no one should even be convicted over this so called special audit report, because it is clearly a product of historical hate by people in the current government.

It will not be cruel therefore to state that Dr. Mwambwa was brought back from retirement to come and produce a report for slandering business competitors of Hakainde Hichilema and his friends. What was Mwambwa doing in 2006 only to come and produce a report after coming from retirement? Is he a Dr. in foolishness or indeed a qualified Auditor? He should actually be reported to CIMA for professional misconduct.

For us as Zambian Whistleblower, as long as this report does not include audits of Ministry of Agriculture release of US$ 50 million to Alpha Commodities of Maurice Jangulo in 2021 or the detailed report on the audit conducted by single sourced Grant-Thornton on Ministry of Defence, the ” Special Audit Report” is a malicious document produced to target individuals who are business competitors to current government officials and produced by an illegal Auditor General who can not stand in court as Auditor General.

If Dr. Mwambwa was really a qualified Auditor and an ethical one for that matter, he should have known that what he was producing can not be accepted in the eyes of right thinking members of society. The Audit report covers 2006 to 2022, how many Republican Presidents has Zambia had? What is the risk assessment of producing such a report spanning 5 Presidents?

If Former Mwandi Member of Parliament Michael Kaingu was still in parliament, such are the reports he could have torn into pieces. We will ask Honourable Munir Zulu to perform that task. This ” Special Audit Report” is not worth even the paper it is produced on.

It is a malicious audit report. Mwambwa was exhumed from retirement and given specific instructions on who to audit. The process of hounding out the Former Auditor General and replacing him with this foolish Mwambwa is evidence enough that it is a malicious audit report.

The Zambian Whistleblower has no time to waste on such. We are looking for current abuse and not Mbili Zakale.

Why is Hakainde Hichilema destroying institutions of good governance at will?

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