Chama is the biggest district in Eastern Province of Zambia with a population of over 140,326 with CHAMA BOMA as the central place . It is served by only one gravel road which comes from Lundazi and the provincial capital of the Eastern Province, Chipata, 300 km.

Chama is split into two constituencies namely Chama North and Chama South with a total number of 7 Chiefdoms, under the leadership of Senior Chief Kambombo.

Other Chiefs that are under Senior Chief Kambombo includes: Chief Chifunda, Chief Chikwa, Chief Mulilo, Chief Lundu, Chief Chibale and Chief Tembwe. These together makes what we call Chama District.

We are Senga by tribe, distinct from the Nsenga(Petauke). It is believed we migrated from the southern part of present-day Congo DR. Our fore fathers resettled in the Luangwa Valley amongst the Tumbuka speaking people. The language we speak is similar to Tumbuka and also shares a common strain with Bisa/Bemba.

Most of the population is in informal employment relying heavily on subsistence farming which is the major economic stay of the people in the district and other economic ventures.
I don’t need to talk about our Chama Rice kaili program yalishibikwa kulanda kuposafye inshita.

Chama is the home of north luangwa national park known for it’s elephants (tourist attraction).
One of our local delicacies is yellow frog 🐸 we call it CHESI it’s very tasty 😋.

The current study has proven that banzelu (wise ones) come from Chama and Bemba ladies are madly in love with our dudes😄.

How are you is Muli uli in Senga🤝

If I’ve left any nitty gritty or information feel free to drop in the comment section.

Emmanuel Alinafe Chipeta ✌️🇿🇲
Chikaya Community Radio Station

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