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In Puncherello Chama’s well-researched article, it becomes clear that there are differing perspectives on whether Karin has exerted undue influence over the national team. While some see the situation as evident, others perceive it differently, and that’s understandable. However, the issue of conflict of interest is starkly apparent when the same agent represents both the coach, Avram Grant, and certain national team players. This dual representation creates a scenario where the agent’s interests may not align with fair and merit-based team selection.


The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) opening an investigation highlights the gravity of the situation, and it’s crucial to note that the investigation remains ongoing despite Avram Grant’s press briefing. Let me take you back to the matter of Aziph Banda, Referees’ Manager who was replaced amid investigation of match fixing. Is that going to be a precedence? We shall look at that later!

Here are my thoughts on the matter:

The Role of the Agent

Agents typically strive to advance their clients’ careers by negotiating contracts, securing endorsements, and ensuring ample playing opportunities. When an agent represents both the coach and multiple players, their influence extends across team management and player selection, which should be straightforward to understand. How this has become very difficult for others to see beats me

Player Selection Bias

Merit vs. Affiliation
When an agent represents both the coach and certain players, there’s a risk that selection decisions might favor those players, irrespective of their form or fitness. This can lead to more deserving players being overlooked, undermining the team’s overall performance. This doesn’t look at how many players are in the national team but the proceedings by its self .

Example: Lameck Banda, despite being a top performer, was initially benched and only played after Lubambo Musonda’s injury at a Levy Mwanawasa Stadium encounter and we all saw what he brought when he was thrown in. That for me raised questions about whether his exclusion was due to merit or agency affiliation. Remember that was the time he had left the agency but it was so loud to ignore as he deserved the call out.

Favoritism in Playing Time
Players under the same agent as the coach may receive more playing time and visibility, enhancing their career prospects and market value. Conversely, those who refuse to join the agency or leave it might see reduced playing time, adversely affecting their careers.

Example: Miguel was excluded from the national team after leaving the agency but later included after pressure and performed well at AFCON. This sudden exclusion and subsequent inclusion suggested possible favoritism towards agency-affiliated players.

Team Dynamics and Morale

Impact on Team Cohesion
It is possible that players are now perceiving that selection is influenced by agency affiliations rather than performance, its now leading to resentment and reduced morale within the team. This ultimately harming team cohesion and effectiveness on the field.

This is essy to find out, just by talking to three players in the national team , you will understand this.


Given Puncherello Chama’s proximity to the game, it’s likely he has heard similar concerns, as I have .

Indicators of Unfair Treatment
I work on a community development surrounding and indicators and KPIs are our concentration. Here are my indicators and not only on Fashion Sakala.

Discrepancies in Playing Time
Selection Patterns
Performance Metrics Vs Agency affiliation

The situation described in Puncherello Chama’s article does not rule out biased selection, favoritism, and unfair treatment of players. While the article is informative, it doesn’t fully address the need for transparency and fairness in the selection process. Ensuring that merit and performance remain the primary criteria for team selection is essential.

Ladies and Gentlemen
Whenever team selections are surprising, it indicates that something may be amiss and requires explanation. Today, it might be Fashion Sakala; tomorrow, it could be others. Watch this space

Have a good day.

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