The following are notes from the Zesco meeting today

The following are notes from the Zesco meeting today

1. The situation is dire. Kariba is producing at a fraction of its capacity and Kafue system is at about 50%. Total hydro generation as of now is about 900 Mw max.

2. ⁠the current deficit of power is 750Mw and all indications are it will get worse. It is likely load shedding will increase.

3. ⁠the only plan in the short term is “hope” for the rains to be good.
4. ⁠long term plans for new coal power station at Maamba will not materialize until 2026

5. ⁠the interconnection with Tanzania will not materialize until 2027
6. ⁠the only short term credible option is more coal. Solar is limited for technical reasons as the grid can only absorb a certain amount. What is needed is base load power.

7. ⁠Ndola energy (HFO) supply Zesco at 32c so not an option as the bill is $28m per month. The power plant is idle
8. 200Mw of power is still being exported at 11c

9. imports of a small amount of power from Mozambique are available but the transmission lines do not facilitate much capacity, so imports are limited.
10. Zesco has signed many power purchase agreements with investors who simply disappear and are not seen again. They are willing to sign more agreements with credible investors

11. Zesco has applied to ERB in February for net metering of power suppliers up to 5mw but ERB have not responded. This would reduce red tape and cut out much bureaucracy and allow many smaller suppliers. As usual ERB sits there doing nothing.. Zesco await their response.

12. Zesco is up to date with payment on all the purchase agreements and pays monthly

13. Zesco supplies 80 mw for emergency mine dewatering under emergency requirements, but are not getting paid for this power.

14. We asked Zesco to institute a public awareness campaign to promote LPG for cooking, switching equipment off and advocating for a ban on the importation and manufacture of electrical geysers

15. ⁠if Zesco agree, BCT will hold a joint press conference to support the efforts of Zesco to resolve this power problem

16. ⁠BCT also advised Zesco the pricing structure of power is wrong and power for everyone has to increase to justify new supply. It is unrealistic to continue with the current pricing structure. If we do, the power problem will never be solved.

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