IN a harrowing testimony, a 20- year old student at Cavendish University narrated how a shishita arrest by a police officer turned out into non-consensual sex.

This is in a matter where Jack Mushani a 28-year old police officer is charged with rape contrary to Section 132 and 133 of the Zambian laws.

Mushani on April 5, 2023 allegedly had forced intercourse with the woman without her consent.

Narrating her ordeal before Lusaka magistrate Chrispin Hampungani, the woman said whilst at her boarding house in Thorn Park area, she was visited by her boyfriend who requested that they spend some time together outside the yard.

She said whilst they were seated at the gate having a tet-a-tet, a car drove by them as the driver flashed lights.

The victim narrated that the car stopped a meter away from her boarding house and the driver approached them in a quest to find out why they were not indoors during the night.

She said the man asked them if they knew about shishita prior to dragging her boyfriend at some distance and engaged in a conversation.

The witness said after the two had a conversation the officer who was in the company of his female companion forced her to get into the car.

“He then came to me and forced me into his car where I found a lady in the front seat. He claimed the lady in the car was his wife. He talked to my boyfriend, I wasn’t getting what they were saying,”she said.

“We dropped his wife behind our boarding house. Then he later asked my boyfriend to follow us to the police station but he refused.”

She said the officer grabbed the phone from her boyfriend and as they made way to the police station, the accused asked if there was a nearby football pitch in Thorn Park.

The victim said the Mushani diverted the route and drove to the football pitch and had forced intercourse with her.

“He got out of the car, adjusted the seat, undressed himself and he forced himself on me without using a condom. He pulled my hands. After he was done he took my phone and said I should find my way home,” the 20-year old said

“I went to the boarding house and explained what transpired to my friends and we reported the matter to the police. We went to house where we dropped the lady and we found accused with the same lady.”

During cross examination the woman was asked if she screamed during the alleged act and she responded in the affirmative.

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