Step father, 2 cousins attempt to sell step-daughter for K100,000

Step father, 2 cousins attempt to sell step-daughter for K100,000

THREE men in Lusaka’s Misisi compound have been arrested for trying to sell a four-year-old girl to a bussiness man in Makeni compound for a sum of K100,000.

The trio were identified as Simon Silomba, 30, also known as Shadreck, Sichalwe Martin, also known as Kamyalile, 41 and Kennedy Sichiweza, also known as Susu, all residing in Misisi compound.

On Tuesday afternoon this week, the group agreed to trade the child to a named business man who was currently trading and residing in Makeni Villa, and share the proceedings equally amongst themselves.

And the abduction of the child was very easy as the first suspect was discovered to be the child’s stepfather.

And to execute their filthy transaction, the three, who claimed to be related as cousins illicitly snatched the little girl away from 40-year-old mother and transported her to the buyer’s residence around 18:00 hours.

Unfortunately but fortunate enough for the child, a concerned member of the public noticed the illegal transaction that was about to take place and immediately reported the matter to Kanyama police Station on Tuesday.

Acting swiftly upon the report and tip, officers moved into action to intervene and prevented the heinous act from taking place.

Police Spokesperson, Rae Hamoonga who confirmed the incident through a statement said that police managed to arrest all the three suspects who are currently in police detention.

Hamoonga said that the suspects were found in possession of the four year-old child and that as at now, they are currently in Police custody pending further investigations.

He added that the victim, was taken to a safe home under social welfare, where she will receive the care and support she needs.

“The Zambia Police Service reaffirms its commitment to combating human trafficking and ensuring the safety and protection of all individuals, particularly vulnerable children. We urge the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities related to human trafficking to the authorities,” said Hamoonga..

By Buumba Mwitumwa


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