Status of the Tanzania -Zambia Power inter-Connector

Status of the Tanzania -Zambia Power inter-Connector

Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba wrote;

At the Press conference held by President Hakainde Hichilema at State House, new ZANIS reporter, Kalani Muchima asked a brilliant question on the status of the powet inter-connector between Zambia and Tanzania.

But he appeared misguided or directed emphasis on the false information about a loan that was obtained and the project was never delivered.

Of course those assertions are things that excite President Hakainde Hichilema who looks for faults in the previous government and loves to characterize it as an irresponsible and thieving borrower.

Here are the brief irrefutable facts about the project.

In 2013, the Patriotic Front Government started the ambitious project to connect both the Southern Africa Power Pool ( SAPP) that feeds Southern African countries and the Eastern Africa Power Pool (EAPP), the network that feeds East African countries.

Phase 1

To this effect, Government constructed an upgraded 341- kilometers, 330kv Kafue-Livingstone transmission line with a loan from from European Investment Bank (EIB). This was to connect to the SAPP.

Further, Zambia constructed the US $334 million ZESCO 330 kV high voltage transmission lines from Pensulo, Serenje to Mpika and Kasama.

The project also involved a similar constructiom from Pensulo-Serenje to Chimsoro and Chipata West.

Both projects, funded by China, were completed.

2nd Phase

The second phase was largely dependent on Tanzania to upgrade its transmission lines to 330KV from Iringa to Mbeya and Sumbawanga towns while Zambia needed to upgrade and complete the transmission line from Kasama to Mbala to connect to Tanzania.

Feasibility studies were completed and by the year 2020, financing was almost completed for both the Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited ( TANESCO) and ZESCO.

Construction work on Tanzania–Zambia Transmission Interconnection Project (TAZA) was expected to begin in 2021/2022 and was expected to be completed by January 2025.

The TAZA is part of the larger Zambia–Tanzania–Kenya project, which aims to link the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) with the Eastern Africa Power Pool (EAPP).

Zambia has largely done it’s part. The projects are on-going.

No one has stolen any money as seen by the attached project implementation plan despite the unhealthy obsession by President Hichilema and his lackeys that monies were stolen.

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