Fred M’membe

State House Warns Against Divisive Politics of Fred M’membe

Clayson Hamasaka, the State House Communication Specialist, has issued a caution to Zambians regarding politicians like Socialist Party Leader Fred M’Membe, whose statements are perceived to sow division among citizens.

Mr. Hamasaka expressed concern over M’Membe’s stance, citing his repeated assertions that if elected as President, he would rule by decree rather than adhere to the provisions of the constitution. This, according to Hamasaka, poses a significant threat to Zambia’s constitutionalism.

Highlighting M’Membe’s intentions as communicated through his statements, Hamasaka emphasized that the opposition leader seeks to abolish the Zambian constitution and govern through decree, should he assume the presidency.

Furthermore, Hamasaka criticized M’Membe’s advocacy for the appointment of traditional leaders to roles not prescribed by the current constitution. He asserted that such actions undermine the significance of traditional leaders, reducing them to mere instruments of partisan politics.

Contrary to M’Membe’s approach, Hamasaka underscored the importance of traditional leaders as custodians of national culture, tradition, and custom. He reiterated the commitment of the United Party for National Development (UPND) government to prioritize the welfare and dignity of traditional leaders, emphasizing investments aimed at improving the conditions and benefits of these esteemed figures and their support staff.

Hamasaka condemned M’Membe’s divisive tactics, drawing parallels to his past conduct while operating his newspaper. He cautioned against falling prey to such divisive rhetoric, emphasizing the need for unity and cohesion in building a prosperous and harmonious nation.

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