Solving Yango Murders

Emmanuel Mwamba writes:

Solving Yango Murders

If the Zambia Police and ZICTA were just half serious, the Yango murders must be among the easiest cases to solve, save future lives and make the business safe for both drivers and passengers.

Because to use a ride-hailing service, it uses mobile phones and phone numbers.

In ride-hailing, a customer orders a customised ride online usually via a smartphone application. In essence, it is similar to a taxi service. The customer orders the ride from a ride-hailing platform – a third party that mediates the service between the driver and the passenger.

In this case, information is immediately available to Yango, the customer and the driver.

This is a good start to pursue the crimes and murderous perpetrators that have invaded the space.

Yango drivers are suffering abuse, robberies, assault and now murders.

It’s time that Yango added SOS or emergency tool on the application if the passenger or driver felt unsafe in anywhere so that Police and next of kin could be alerted.

Let’s get serious as a country. Let’s make the young people trying to earn a living in this subsector safe to ply their trade and the passengers secure.

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