Saboi Imboela is said to be panicking as the judgement day in a case she accused State House Chief Communications specialist of sleeping around and employing relatives draws near.

As of yesterday, Saboi phoned about 4 individuals from UPND persuading them to go and defend her in court.

Saboi indicated that she wanted to subpoena the named individuals to court tomorrow and lie that Clayson Hamasaka, who is a State House communications specialist, is related to Brian Mwiinga who is employed as State House Press Analyst.

Hamasaka comes from Mbabala, Chief Macha of the Tonga people in Choma in Southern province, while Mwiinga comes from Buwelu, Mwembezhi, Chief Shakumbila of the Sala and ila people in Central province.

The court is tomorrow expecting Saboi to produce the Hamasaka who is uncle to Brian and both works at State House.

Hamasaka and Brian are not anywhere near being related unless Saboi says all students taught by the Former Evelyn Hone College media trainer like Dickson Jere, George Chellah, Amos Chanda, Emmanuel Mwamba, Amos Malupenga and Brian Mwiinga are all his relatives.

Saboi has been giving excuses each time judge Munyinya sets judgement day including faking illness and yet she is all over playing politics including threatening to walk naked.

In fact, these days it is easier to identify people. She can simply produce the NRCs of Clayson Hamasaka and Brian Mwiinga in court which will show that these are two different people brought together because of their educational qualifications.

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