Robert Chabinga was rightly chosen as leader of the opposition in Parliament – Constitution court


A novel ruling was passed by the Constitution court today that interpreted the modus operand of article 74(2) of the Constitution of Zambia that state the Leader of Oppsition should be from the party with most MPs in Parliament.

They note that the article does not state how that leader should be picked and its upto internal processes of the largest Oppsition political party to arrive at a name. It does not have to be via an election by opposition MPs (only) they state. It can involve other non MP members of the opposition party and can be via a caucus, election or any other process. They only need to inform Parliament via a formal letter from the SG.

The ruling further states that the Speaker has no role to play in this process but to honour the communication from the largest opposition party of the day.
The ruling therefore means both Hon Brian Mundubile and by implication now Hon Robert Chabinga, were and are bonafide former and current Leaders of Opposition respectively.

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