…his regional approach to national governance makes him unsuitable for a second term of office beyond 2026

By Fox Reporter
ALL Peoples Congress president Nason Msoni says President Hakainde Hichilema is on a self destructive route.

Msoni warns that Zambians are closely monitoring all schemes and efforts by President Hichilema aimed at destroying th democracy the people fought for.

“Hichilema doesn’t know Zambians if he did he wouldn’t be scheming to erroneously stretch out his current term of office through the irresponsible amendment of the constitution,” he said.

He said Zambians have nothing to thanks President Hichilema for, apart from formating regionalism.

Msoni wondered how Zambians will listen to a man who has divided the country through his tribal appointments, abuse of power, selective application of justice among many misery.

“Certainly we will never thank Mr Hichilema for causing untold misery and suffering to Zambians. His regional approach to national governance makes him unsuitable to put himself forward for a second term of office beyond 2026. No one believes that Mr Hichilema is fit to continue as President of the Country. He has literally failed on all benchmarks of political leadership,” Msoni said.

He warned that any attempt by President Hichilema to amend the constitution to his liking will be total betrayal of the trust of the 2.8 million that voted for him.

Msoni observed that President Hichilema and the UPND was on a cascade of searching for weak souls in parliament who can help to kill the aspirations of the poor Zambians.

“His attempt to unilaterally amend the republican constitution will be a tragic betrayal of public trust. It is obvious and abundantly clear to him at this stage that he can’t marshal the required threshold of 50+1 hence the desperation for addition of numbers in parliament. His desperately looking for parliamentary candidates who are willing to offer themselves as political zombies to undertake constitutional changes which will help Mr Hichilema to curve for himself unearned extra political mandate beyond his current term of office without building political consensus with other stakeholders,” he said.

He noted with sadness unfolding dictatorial tendencies in Zambia to be an African problem, saying most African countries have faced similar troubles because of selfish leaders.

“Africa continues to face political instability because of such selfish leaders who fail to respect the sanctity of their respective constitutions. As a leader you should never take peace for granted by forcing yourself on the citizenry. Zambians are eager and anxious to see Mr Hichilema leave office peacefully at the end of his current term of office which expires in 2026. We encourage Mr Hichilema to seriously reflect and dump his bidding for the unearned extra time in office. That’s clearly a recipe for political turmoil and confusion. Political ambition that takes no account of the the needs of the people is doomed ambition,” said Msoni.

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