……….challenges the President to link high cost of living to Human Dignity.

Lusaka……..Friday, March 14, 2024. [SMARTEAGLES].

Lunte Member of Parliament Hon Mutotwe Kafwaya has charged that President Hakainde Hichilema will “suffer” to explain the progress made in the application of National Values and Principles today, Signaling concerns on the lack of progress.

Speaking yesterday after being denied Chance to speak In Parliament, Hon Kafwaya wondered how the President will manage to link the High cost of living and the suffering of the many Zambians to human dignity.

He said the President must also espouse himself on the reports that ZESCO has been exporting power amidst 8 hours of Loadshediing.

“I want to come and see how he is going to link the High cost of living to human dignity. Mealie meal K400, Electricity expensive and loadshedding. I want to see how that links to patriotism. If it is true that ZESCO has been exporting power. You are loadshedding and exporting power.
I have challenged Government to state whether ZESCO is exporting power or not…,” he said.

Hon Kafwaya said President Hakainde Hichilema must also explain the refusal by the police to clear office bearers of UKA so that UKA can be registered.

He questioned how this will be connected to democracy as one of the national values.

Hon Kafwaya said the Head of State must also not shy away from talking about the Composition of Chief Executive Officers and directors of Parastals in relation to national unity.

He said this is beacuse what has been portrayed so far is division and not unity.

Hon Kafwaya was expected to issue this in Parliament yesterday but was not given an opportunity by the speaker

“Government giving away Mopani, how will this be linked to sustainable development. I have heard from the public protector which has been hidden from the National Assembly. How is hiding reports going to be linked to integrity.

Meanwhile, Lukashya Member of Parliament Hon George Chisanga has bemoaned the trend by government not to listen to opinions about mining from experts.

He said this in response to Vedanta’s current situation which suggests that the company is insolvent.

Hon Chisanga said vedanta is not a company that will come into the country and sell the idea that they are bringing resources to come and invest in the country.

He said Vedanta will ride on the mineral resources that Zambia has to create an investment for themselves.

“It is clear that vedanta will not invest a single dollar in KCM. Vedanta have extended the resumption of operation at KCM. They have given various reasons. One thing we should know is Vedanta’s insolvency. It is going into schemes of arrangements with its creditors………,” he said

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