There could be several reasons why a president might be booed at a function. Some possible reasons include:

Unpopular policies or decisions: The president’s policies or actions may be unpopular with the audience, leading to booing as a way to express disapproval. These policies may include hiking of fuel prices including Mealie meal which is unbearable to afford.

Political polarization: In a highly polarized political climate, the president’s presence may be seen as divisive, leading to booing from those who strongly disagree with their political views. As it has become of this government where opposition’s views don’t matter and are always arrested to intimidate them.

Recent controversies or scandals: If the president has been involved in a recent controversy or scandal, the audience may express their disapproval through booing. Upnd government is a character of unwanted scenes where each day has its own scenario of either corruption or breaking people’s houses.

Disagreement with actions: The president may have made a statement or taken an action that resonates negatively with the country, leading to booing. We all know ba HH to be a very positive man but in our case he is out of touch with the realities on the ground.

Political opposition: In a politically charged environment, the president’s presence may be met with booing simply because of their political affiliation or position. Incarnation and intimidation has really killed the beauty of the leadership of the UPND. Everyone is aware that opposition leaders are subjected to unfairness.

Perceived disconnect or elitism: If the president is seen as out of touch with the concerns and needs of Zambia, he may be booed as a way to express frustration and disconnection.

Remember, booing can be a way for people to express their opinions and emotions, and it’s essential to consider the context and reasons behind the booing to understand the situation better.

It was actually good that the president was booed for him to start putting up policies that would benefit the country and not to burden it with massive hungry.

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By ICHABAICE editors

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