Chomba Kaoma


When David KAZADI said “he turned down £5 million to turn Kazadi Music UK into a porn business” social media was ablaze with keyboard warriors having a field day calling David all sorts of names!! It’s only in zambia were people think a Million Dollars plus is alot of money without knowing well the person behind the story.

Rihanna was paid $9million to perform for an hour in India at the Ambani wedding that’s how people play with money out their. Chris Brown mailed a check of $3 million to Davido just for his verse on one of his songs. It’s only in zambia were the media fraternity is poor!!

Coming to the issue of my brother Jonah, I remember his first interview just after he received the prestigious award, he was asked if he would accept a Job offer from BBC and this was his response “ I don’t think it is right for us to continue exporting the best to other countries, who will remain here if all of us go” very wise answer!!

Exposure is very important, the fact that you pray so hard to visit the UK doesn’t mean everyone is doing the same No!! others even have private jets but they hate traveling, they would rather be in their own country and comfort zone. Now your poverty mentality just hearing that anakana Job ku BBC iwe chaku kalipa.. Zambians and poverty kuti wapapa

Life is just life, others are looking for $10 million while someone just needs a k20 or less while someone just spent $50 000 on clothes someone out there has gone for days without eating!!

Your problems are not every ones problems fimo mwa tambakofye

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