POLICE PICK INDUNA INETE’S GUN FOR FURTHER INVESTIGATIONS…as Police confirms his killing at his house

…as Police confirms his killing at his house

March 18,2024 -Limulunga Police Station this morning the 18th day of March 2024 at 08:00 hours, received a report of murder from Mr. Tawila Akapelwa aged 47 of Salambango Village in Mongu who reported that his father Mr. Mwangelwa Akapelwa aged 72 , the Barotse Royal Establishment Induna Inete of Salambango Village in Nalubutu Chiefdom was shot dead by unknown persons using a unknown firearm at his residence whilst he was trying to lock up his Toyota Hilux vehicle white registration Number ALE 3788. This happened while he was sitting on the driver’s seat with his right leg almost stepping on the ground. He was shot from the back. On physical inspection of the deceased’s body it had a deep gunshot wound on the back.

Brief facts were that on March 17, 2024 at around 08:00 hours deceased, had gone with his son the reporter, his grandson Mr. Chikombo Tawila aged 19 of the same address and his Son in law Mr. Likomba Imbuwa aged 42 of Mayutolwa Village in Nawasilundu Chiefdom of Mongu to go and check on his field in the plains at Lyangei area where it was reported that there was a snake in his field.

This necessitated him to carry his shot gun so that he could go and use it to kill the snake in his field. He only came back from the fields around 15:00 hours on the same day. At around 21:00 hours he left his place taking a bag of mealie meal to unknown place but within Limulunga and came back home around 22:00 hours and upon safely reaching home he called his niece Miss Wakunuma Ngenda aged 20 of Ikatulamo Village in Imbwea Chiefdom of Kalabo to open the door for him.

He first took some few items he was carrying with him into the kitchen and later went back to the vehicle where he was shot at by unknown assailant who is suspected to have been waiting for him within the yard.

The sound of the gun was heard by people within the village but they took it that it was the victim who had fired in the air to scare thieves who had been stealing his maize from the storeroom which is within the court yard. His shotgun was found at the trailer of his van and was retrieved to be subjected for ballistic examinations. Investigations to bring the criminals to book have been launched.

Mr. Chileshe Mukuka
Commissioner of Police
Western Province

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