Police Arrest only 5 UPND cadres after President’s Intervention

Police Arrest only 5 UPND cadres after President’s Intervention

In a concerning display of leniency towards political violence, the Zambia Police Service has been criticized for its lacklustre response to the unrest that occurred in Bauleni Compound, Lusaka on June 4th, 2024. The incident, which erupted prior to the burial of a prominent UPND party official, saw mobs of UPND cadres wreaking havoc in the area.

Despite the scale of the disturbances, the police managed to apprehend a mere 5 individuals, all of whom were accused of offenses such as aggravated robbery and unlawful wounding. This meager effort stands in stark contrast to the widespread chaos witnessed by residents.

Indeed, the police action only commenced at midnight on June 4th, hours after the initial unrest had already erupted. This delay has led many to question the impartiality and effectiveness of the law enforcement response.

The light-handed approach to the Bauleni incident has reignited concerns over the Zambia Police Service’s ability to maintain order in the face of politically-motivated violence. As the 2026 general elections loom, many fear that such lax enforcement could embolden party cadres and lead to further outbreaks of unrest.

With the public’s trust in the police’s impartiality now in question, the onus is on the Zambia Police Service to demonstrate its commitment to upholding the law and protecting all citizens equally, regardless of their political leanings.

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