PF was not taken over by Miles Sampa.. Sampa was just a conduit

PF was not taken over by Miles Sampa
Sampa was just a conduit
PF was taken over by HH using state agencies

The agencies under instructions of HH will do what they like with PF and it’s very clear what he wants are bye ejections so that he can lift Lungu’s immunity
Sampas conference was held illegally under police protection, there after the police cordoned off the PF secretariat and almost beat up Lungu for trying to gain access

The registrar of societies accepted a letter from Sampa and changed office bearers under instructions of the state but ignored current office bearers who said those instructions were illegal … this even went to the extent of one registrar of societies being fired for initially refusing to make the changes
So how do you claim HH was not involved ?

The Speaker ignored the existing office bearers instructions not to receive orders from Sampa but once again the Speaker took different instructions from the Sampa camp to appease HH
When the matters went to judiciary, the Chief Justice ignored the cases for months and later threw them out to appease HH

ECZ ignored the real PF and only listened to Sampa under instructions of HH. So what is to come has less to do with Sampa as Hichilema will do whatsoever he pleases and the Speaker, the police, the courts, the registrar ECZ will only take his instructions

If at all HH was she isn’t involved why have all state departments nor suddenly refused to take decisions from Sampa?

HH has successfully thrown out the rule of law and shown his hand. The systems that should protect democracy all chosen to break the law at HH’s order starting the executive to the legislature to the judiciary

Meaning for opposition henceforth campaigning won’t be easy, voter registration won’t be fair, deployment of monitors will be difficult, appearing on the ballot might be a miracle for many, and rigging will be the order the day, if at all vote counting will be transparent

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