PF and UKA must not betray their only Nelson Mandela & Donald Trump for 2026 in ECL: Why miss the winning penalty when there is no a goalkeeper?

By Christopher Zumani Zimba

PF and UKA must not betray their only Nelson Mandela & Donald Trump for 2026 in ECL: Why miss the winning penalty when there is no a goalkeeper?

1. In Brazil, Lula de Silva saved two terms left power. In his retirement, sitting President Bosonalo maliciously persecuted him for corruption and sent into jail after conviction. In 2023, Lula was out of prison and majority Brazilians asked to contest again. He convincingly defeated the man who arrested and today, Lula is president again.

2. Today, Edgar Lungu sits as Brazil’s Lula in Zambia. Many voters regret voting ECL out because HH is a Bosonalo, one who over promise, persecutes rivals and fails to deliver. Therefore, PF and UKA must not allow anyone to fight or betray their Lula in Lungu: he is the only 2026 winning password.

3. Despite the apartheid regime parading him as a terrorist and imprisoning him for 27 years, the ANC and South Africans remained focused in believing that Nelson Mandela was their lead political hope and emancipation hero. In PF and UKA today, it is shocking to learn that there are some people who think that they are politically better placed to contest and redeem Zambians from the chains of UPND and HH in 2026 outside Lungu.

4. In the ANC, challenging Nelson Mandela was deemed betrayal to liberation because he was the most popular, powerful and internationally recognized politician among them. Let PF and UKA members emulate ANC leaders going into 2026.

5. In the US, most Republicans are very clear and firm about Donald Trump as the only candidate who can forcefully compete with Joe Biden and win in December this year. They treasure his experience as a Republican President, his media punch, his capacity to fundraise and his global political stature.

6. In Israeli politics, Benjamin Netanyahu takes the same place. In Russia, Vladimir Putin is respected as such.This is the place of Lungu today in Zambian opposition politics: I appeal to PF and UKA supporters to run with this gospel always going into 2026.

7. Let everyone in PF and UKA know that, in Zambia today, only Edgar Lungu has the political stature of Brazil’s Rula De Silva, Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu, South Africa’s Nelson Mandela, US’s Donald Trump, Rwanda’s Paul Kagame or Russia’s Vladimir Putin. We are talking about someone deemed the symbol of state fatherhood, political hope, freedom, citizen empowerment, happiness, national unity and peaceful coexistence.

8. Even President HH does not come close to this political stature of Lungu because most Zambians generally take Bally for a liar, failure, western puppet, traitor, conman, hypocrite, fake, selfish and too proud.

9. If your wedding knife boy takes the courage of urinating on the only cake for your life mass event for whatever reason, the only option left is to immediately and brutally red card him out of the event. For me, I see UKA betraying their only political cake for winning 2026 in ECL by allowing Luckson Mulusa to continue as their SG after insulting and attacking both Edgar Lungu and PF on Diamond TV. For now, he is still a big spoiler to the UKA end game because he is malicious to their winning formula.

10. Even after publicly disrespecting and intentionally denouncing Lungu and PF, the most important, popular and powerful stakeholders in UKA, there is no one in UKA who condemned their SG or compelled him to openly apologize, show remorse and restore credibility to the injured people. This gesture alone is treacherous and dangerous for UKA going into 2026.

11. They are dearly carrying an SG who does not respect their only Mandela, Trump, Netanyahu, Putin and Lula for 2026. To many stakeholders in PF and Zambia, this is seen as a calculated act of betrayal.

12. To some extent, the decision of appointing and keeping Mulusa in UKA as SG today is not different with the decision of brining back Miles Sampa in PF in 2017 after he voluntarily left in 2015. And later, PF made Miles both Lusaka Mayor and Matero MP. Mr Mulusa openly disrespected President Lungu when he was his cabinet minister. Today, the same Mulusa is still disrespecting Lungu in UKA as SG.

13. Who brought him in UKA and what is their key agenda? Why should UKA miss the last and winning political penalty in 2026 when the goal keeper has run away? By appointing unrepentant Mulusa who disrespects Lungu and PF as their SG, UKA is betraying everything good for them going into 2026.

14. In UKA and with that unapologetic attitude, Lucky Mulusa is their Miles Sampa in the making. How on earth can an alliance of political parties bring an SG who does not belong to any of the alliance political parties? This decision is one of the most dangerous one for such alliance.

15. In such alliances, key positions are for members of alliance parties. Where is the political loyalty and allegiance of Lucky Mulusa if he does not belong to any party in UKA? This is how good players miss penalties by thinking that they have already scored before kicking the ball.

16. This is where PF is shocking everyone. In UKA, PF MPs and Members of Central Committee (MCC) are watching as bystanders or distant observers of the alliance. They have a duty to engage ECL, submit their views and actively support Lungu to make UKA work and deliver victory in 2026. Ultimately, PF is the main beneficiary of UKA because it’s the largest party in the alliance.

17. Any senior PF member who opposes UKA is opposing rebranding and betraying the needed stakeholder partnership to dislodge UPND and HH in 2026. PF must cherish UKA and UKA must cherish PF: this is the golden rule going into 2026. In fact, it is bigger betrayal if PF MPs and MCCs fail to speak out and defend their lion’s share inside. PF is UKA and UKA is PF.

18. PF MPs and MCCs must not endorse a misplaced model in UKA that “all political parties and presidents in the alliance are equal”. There is a workable model called “UPND alliance”: the biggest party takes the lion’s share. PF leaders must guide UKA members to stop hypocrisy. Many UKA members bring only themselves into the alliance while PF brings a former republican president and a party with MPs, Councilors and members countrywide. This thinking of “equal rights and powers in UKA” is treacherous to UKA itself and everyone.

19. Shockingly, there are some senior PF members who covertly oppose UKA and think PF came bounce back in 2026 on its own. This is misplaced thinking and dangerous political betrayal. PF needs alliance members if PF is to wage a winning political battle for 2026. PF must open doors too wide and allow more stakeholders to enter: even Luck Mulusa if he shows true repentance towards PF and Lungu.

20. UKA is the best political vehicle PF needs and must cherish. Any PF leader or MP who opposes UKA is betraying everyone. UKA brings new faces, UKA brings more numbers, and UKA brings PF rebranding. Thus, PF needs UKA and UKA needs PF. This political honest is vital and crucial going into 2026.

21. In 2011, HH would have become Republican Vice President had he accepted to form an alliance with Micheal Sata and become his running mate. But arrogant HH refused to humbled himself and wanted Sata to be his vice president. That’s how PF leaders like Winter Kabimba rubbished everything and the PF-UPND alliance collapsed. However, PF through Micheal Sata ended up winning on their own and arrogant HH was left in the losing cold.

22. I hope that PF and UKA leaders will not miss the ECL train going into 2026. Political honest demands that they all front Lungu as their leader and in him or through him, they push for regime change in 2026.

23. Both PF and UKA must not act spiritual and diplomatic by assuming that winning 2026 will be automatic. They face king Saul, Pharaoh and Nebuchadnezzar in HH, he is brutally vicious and politically cruel to stay in power. Therefore, PF and UKA must be sober, honest, intelligent, brave and avoid digging their own graves.

24. While UKA will surely grow bigger, it is important to know that some among them will defect and others will become true Judas Iscariot and Miles Sampa soon or later. Therefore, before key decisions are made, UKA leaders must always engage and consult their parties. This is how they will insulate themselves from betray or mitigate digging risky holes in UKA and their respective parties.

25. In conclusion, it is crucial for UKA members to understand that big political parties should have their deserved bigger shares in the alliance and smaller political parties must equally gain their reciprocal smaller shares. This is the only way UKA under the leadership of PF will score that last penalty to win in 2026 with either ECL as the presidential candidate or someone else fully back by Lungu. It’s wrong and betrayal to politicize straightf

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