…the pastor should foster unity, not divisions

“Edgar Lungu is reaping what he sowed…he must repent,”—Nevers Mumba.

Hon. Brian Mundubile, the leader of the opposition in the Zambian parliament, is shocked at the level of contempt pastor Nevers Mumba harbours towards sixth President Edgar Lungu

The lawmaker said the disdain has blinded pastor Mumba to an extent where he refuses to use his position as a clergy and special envoy to unite the country but divide it further.

Hon. Mundubile says if Pastor Mumba was true to himself and to God given the following, he would have used his power to unite Zambians rather than unite them further as political tensions rise in the southern African country.

“The video clip Pastor Mumba has circulated on tik tok, saying President Edgar Lungu committed atrocities onto Zambians,” said Hon. Mundubile, “and also says President Lungu is responsible for the current economic shambles, is not just deeply divisive, its untrue.” Hon. Mundubile said what is worse is the fact that Dr Mumba is among few Zambians that benefited directly from the sixth President´s benevolence and generosity over a long period of time in his personal capacity and yet fails to appreciate this publicly.

In a tik tok video gone viral, Pastor Mumba is currently on the payroll of President Hakainde Hichilema´s government along with other former vice President´s, Mr. Mumba also squarely blames the economic breakdown Zambia faces on President Lungu.

In a strong nonconciliatory tone, Pastor Mumba said whatever trials and tribulations President Lungu is facing is justified because, “He (Edgar Lungu) is reaping what he sowed The best he (Lungu) can do is apologise to Zambians for what he did to us.”

Hon. Mundubile said at a time of high political tensions in Zambia, “We are gravely concerned and disappointed that pastor Mumba can be so harsh and pass judgement on his brother instead of calling for reconciliation he is stoking the fire of hate.”

Zambians from various circles have said they are concerned that the 80-pc monthly salary President Hichilema has gifted pastor Mumba and others may cloud their judgement.

In recent months, President Hichilema has turned the heat up onto his predecessor Lungu, arresting several of his close aides and prosecuting others, including limiting these sixth President´s movements and public association.

Tomorrow, the wife of the former President Esther and daughter Tasila are expected to be paraded before the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) for possible arraignment on undisclosed charges.

A high-spirited Dr, Lungu, said he is watching the situation closely and remains resolved to endure whatever blow Mr Hichilema throws at him until justice prevails.

Mr. Mundubile implored the church in Zambia to take a more reconciliatory tone on the political divisions in Zambia compared to the path taken by Pastor Mumba.

“Zambia needs to heal, and pastor Mumba is not helping in the healing process,” hon. Mundubile said, “he is fanning the divisions.” In less than one week, five opposition leaders close to President Lungu have been arrested and detained in Zambia, as police prove one kidnapping of a lawmaker named Jay Emmanuel Banda.

Pastor Mumba, who served Zambia as vice president for only six months before being sacked by President Levy Mwanawasa, mocked President Lungu, saying, “God gets ruthless to those that do not repent.

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