OCIDA says Mpundu is being used, disowns Changala

OCIDA says Mpundu is being used, disowns Changala

OUR Civil Duty Association (OCIDA) has denounced Arch Bishop Telesphore Mpundu’s letter to the American embassy and called for his resignation.


In a press briefing held in Lusaka today, OCIDA trustees representative Leslie Mbula was disappointed with the remarks made by Bishop Mpundu calling for America to impose sanctions on President Hakainde Hichilema and other leaders.

Mbula said the Archbishop made the statement without consulting the association’s members and disregarding it’s policies and mandate.

Bishop Mpundu petitioned the United States government to impose financial sanctions, visa restrictions, and travel bans against President Hakainde Hichilema and several top Zambian officials who are allegedly undermining democratic rights in the country.

Mbula suggested that there is an invisible force that is abusing Bishop Mpundu causing him take such actions and even State House Communications specialist Clayson Hamasaka re-echoed similar sentiments.

“It may be that Bishop Mpundu is not acting alone, there might be an invisible force pestering him to say some words or do certain things” Mbula said.

“Now look at the results, he (Mpundu) performs poorly in his execution of leadership and has caused the resignation of some members.”

Mbula has since called upon the catholic leadership to guide Bishop Mpundu to resign from his position as chairman of OCIDA in the interest of protecting his name and reputation.

Meanwhile, OCIDA, in the same breath denounced any attachment or affiliation to Brebner Changala stating that “he is not and has never been” the association’s member.

“Changala is masquerading as a member of OCIDA and painting us a bad name.” Mbula stated.

He said the association was established to promote and contribute to the sound governance of the economy and not using it as a weapon to promote selfish or political interests.

He appealed to Changala to desist from making statements or taking any action in the name of OCIDA

By Elesani Phiri


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