“No, we were misled! We didn’t come here to protest against the Former President,” cried out students

“No, we were misled! We didn’t come here to protest against the Former President,” cried out students

……As many question why the Dean of Students approved the use of the Student Bus for political purposes…


University of Zambia students say they were misled on the main agenda of their presence at the Lusaka High court this morning.

In an exclusive interview with one of the students who was seen walking back to UNZA Main campus from the high court grounds (name withheld), she stated they were misled about the purpose of their visit.

“No, this is not what I came here for. Initially, when the announcement was made to students, we were informed of a democratic hearing meant to support the welfare of students at government institutions.”

“I personally inquired about this democratic hearing, and a male student named Mosquito explained that we were going to the Constitutional Court to appreciate the New Dawn administration for their efforts in supporting students.”

Upon arrival, they were instructed to wear T-shirts with the writing “No third term, iwe ka Faza of corruption,” but she and some other students refused. This led to tension, resulting in senior students chasing them from the bus and instructing them to return to school without any allowance.

“I come from a well-respected home; I cannot be used like this for a mere K100. The moment I saw the shirts with that writing, I knew this wasn’t what we were told. My parents sent me to school to learn and become a responsible citizen, not to be exploited for selfish interests. If they told us the truth we wouldn’t have come here”

“They have forced us off the bus and told us to walk back to school, but it’s okay; I’d rather walk than be manipulated like this.”

However, she questioned why the Dean Of Students, Mr. Munkombwe, allowed students to be used in this manner and why he permitted the University Bus for a political party activity, knowing fully well it contradicts the University code of conduct.

The students have since called on the University council to suspend the dean of students for such actions.

“The university council should suspend the Dean of Students because this was irresponsible and dangerous of him to let us come here, knowing fully well that this was a political activity, hence putting our lives at risk. When NIPA students started throwing stones, imagine if I or any other student got injured, what would he have said to our parents or guardians? This was totally wrong” questioned the student.

The young lady and her colleagues have further appealed to political parties in the country to desist from using students in political party activities.

“I am a youth and have so much to offer this country. My voice counts but I should not be used for any violence or political gain by anyone. Imagine I am your child and some politicians are using me like this how would you feel? I would love to see a day politicians will get their children and send them to such political activities STOP USING US”.


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