… Empower Arts and enhance food security amid drought”

President Hakainde Hichilema has today announced the immediate suspension of import duty on musical instruments, agricultural and irrigation equipment inorder boost the Arts sector and enhance food security.

The suspension of import duty on agricultural implements is a strategic effort to ensure food security following the drought that has led to most farmers losing their crop.

“To enhancing food security and sustaining national food supplies,there shall be no more duty and tax on agricultural implements and irrigations equipment .” said President Hichilema.

Following the declaration of drought in the country as a disaster, President Hichilema said his government will work on an insurance scheme to protect the farmers who lost their crop due to drought.

He has also encoraged all stateholders to take advantage of this suspension and ensure that no one starves this year.

Speaking during the youth day celebrations held in Chipata this morning , President Hichilema instructed the Minister of Youth, Sport, and Arts, Elvis Nkandu, to extend additional support to musicians, which includes musical instruments and recording studio equipment..

“ Give more support to musicians on equipment and recording studio, with immediate effect no more duty and tax on musical instruments and studio equipments” said President Hichilema.

President Hichilema encouraged eligible organizations and individuals in the arts sector to seize this opportunity to enhance their creative endeavors.

President Hichilema said that Zambia first celebrated the first youth day on 12th March, 1966 and on this day the nation celebrated the participation and sacrifice youths made during the liberation struggle and today Zambia celebrates the contributions youths have continued making towards national development.

Later on President Hichilema advocated for a drug-free lifestyle among the youths and announced initiatives aimed at their development and well-being such as School bursaries, skills training, free education policy, meal mealie allowance, job created in the health and education sector were more than forty thousands youths were employed

Echoing the Bemba proverb “Imiti ikula empanga,” President Hichilema inspired the youth by emphasizing their role as current and future leaders, encouraging them to aspire to achievements even greater than what he has achieved..

He also acknowledged the peace and unity maintained by the youth, highlighting their importance in building a peaceful nation.

Meanwhile, Minister of Youth, Sport and Art ,Elvis Nkandu appealed to the youths to support the government of the day because of its policies that border on making their lives better.

Mr Nkandu said President Hichilema recognises the role youths play in national development.

“This is why since UPND came into office President Hichilema has employed over 30,000 teachers and over 11,000 health workers including those otside the two sectors such as the recently employed volunteers at the cholera centre,” said Mr Nkandu

Mr Nkandu also donated 20 football jerseys and 20 footballs to youths in Eastern province and instructed the Provincial Minister, Peter Phiri o distribute to deserving teams in the province.

AND Chama South, MP Davidson Mungandu praised President Hichilema for his proactive stance on addressing drought and the successful debt restructuring efforts, illustrating government’s responsiveness to national challenges.

“Our future was anchored on debt, thank you for achieving the debt restructuring “ said MP Mungandu.

In the face of criticism, Mungandu advised President Hichilema to remain focused on economic development and the well-being of Zambia’s youth.

“ Focus on what you are doing Mr President ,do not focus on critricism because certain criticism comes with envy , we the people of eastern province love you.” Said Mr Mungandu.

Delivering a vote of thanks on behalf of youths, Eunice Malande thanked the Preesident for his good policies and commitment which has today ignited a flame of hope and optimism in all youths across the nation.

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