Mulambo Haimbe mute on involment in double homicide of Valerie Franco & Mike Ilishebo

Mulambo Haimbe mute on involment in double homicide of Valerie Franco & Mike Ilishebo

Justice and foreign affairs minister Mulambo Haimbe has so far opted to remain silent over growing concerns and allegations over his involment in the recent scandal of the alleged stabbing to death of Valerie Fraco by her husband, a ZANACO bank employee Mike Ilishebo who is purported to have later taken his own life.

The Zambian Business Times – ZBT tried with no success to reach out to Haimbe to get his side of the story and especially the audio that has gone viral when one listens to the conversation purported to be between the Justice minister and the now deceased Ilishebo.

When contacted by ZBT, the justice minister was reported to be busy and promised to get back, but looking at the velocity and viral circulation of the audio and the gravity of the matter regarding allegations of infidelity, marriage interference, paternity and the fact that Haimbe is also an elected official, questions and speculation is on the upswing. Below are the top 5 questions that need answers:

1. The audio has gone viral and ignoring that it’s begging for urgent answers from Haimbe is only fueling more speculation. Can the minister at least deny or give his position on the authenticity of the audio? Can ZICTA help clear the air?

2. It is said that when a lie is told so many times and it goes unchallenged, it attains the same virtue as the truth. Is Haimbe’s keeping silent helping matters?

3. Haimbe is a senior government minister, should the official government spokesperson at least give a holding response? Isn’t this matter denting the image of the government by keeping silent?

4. ZANACO bank has also not issued an official statement, yet its their employee at manager level involved in the reported suicide. Hasn’t the bank also instituted internal investigations to help police and the public get to the bottom of this tragic incident? Is the bank providing adequate mental health support to its staff? What is really happening, isn’t this only fueling speculation that there is something to hide?

5. There are some unconfirmed reports from close family and friends of the deceased that this couple may have been murdered and the scene staged as husband kills wife and takes own life, can there be updates from the police investigators to rule out some of these suspicions and speculations

SOURCE: Zambian Business Times

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