More than 27 people who have sued ZESCO Limited for unlawful, wrongful, and unfair dismissals

More Fired In ZESCO Limited

‘It turns out UPND is more dangerous than PF’

It is not 27 only, it is more than 27 people who have sued ZESCO Limited for unlawful, wrongful, and unfair dismissals. One wonders which schools ZESCO Limited the entire HR department officers and legal department went to for them to be failing to understand the difference between ‘wrong’ and ‘right’ when it comes to labour laws.

If UPND was genuine, all officers in the mentioned departments could have been fired for making ZESCO Limited start losing money because of firing people unlawfully, wrongfully, and unfairly.

When PF was in power, those from Northwestern, Western and Southern province worked in fear of being fired because as long as you were heard to be speaking other languages and not Bemba, then you were a threat to PF cadres, leadership or management in ZESCO Limited. Of course some people were fired if discovered really that they had routes to and from UPND, but those who they couldn’t see any political alignment or inclination to UPND were not fired except they had to start hiding and avoiding speaking their own languages from Southern, Western and Northwest Province. Bemba became the official language in ZESCO Limited. Managers from Western, Southern, Northwest Province started distancing themselves from those who spoke tribes from these provinces and avoiding to promote anyone from the mentioned regions for fear of being victimized by PF or to show their loyalty to PF cadres in ZESCO Limited. UNIONS such as NESAWU and POGAWUZ were filled with PF cadres as being a PF cadres was a qualification to be a senior official such as SG or President in UNIONs.

The UPND government is apparently firing people without reasons as long as they are suspected to belong to the opposition. Even those who gave UPND information about corruption in ZESCO Limited whilst in opposition are now being fired as they are considered threats because UPND has learnt corruption too, therefore anyone who knows too much is fired.

The unlawful, wrongful and unfair dismissals have led to ZESCO Limited being sued. You would be surprised to know the names of lawyers that are appearing in Court, it is the relatives of Victor Mapani. Sadly ZESCO Limited has a history of losing cases, they will lose under UPND just like they lost under PF.

It is sad that UPND is worse and more dangerous, or heartless than PF was.

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