M’membe questions private schools paying Zambians Kwacha while expatriates US Dollars

M’membe questions private schools paying Zambians Kwacha while expatriates US Dollars

SOCIALIST Party leader Fred M’membe has questioned the practice of some Zambian private schools paying Zambian staff in kwacha while paying expatriate staff in dollars.


Dr M’membe argues that this policy disadvantages Zambian staff despite them performing similar work.

“Zambian academic staff are paid in Kwacha, and their expatriate colleagues are paid in dollars for the same work. Does it mean expatriates are more important than Zambians” Dr M’membe questioned.

He raised concern deeming this practice as payment marginalisation.

M’membe advised the Ministry of Education to emulate their South African counterpart whom he said paid all their workers in rand.

“We urge the Ministry of Education to intervene in this matter and request all private schools to price in Kwacha and not dollars and to stop this abuse.” M’membe said.

Meanwhile the Socialist Party leader expressed further concern on private school’s quotation of school fees in US Dollars adding that this is milking the Zambian citizens whose pay check is in kwacha.

Dr M’membe said he quotation of school fees in the US Dollar was putting a strain on Zambians as they were forced to keep up with the annual increase of school fees regardless of the instability of the exchange rate.

“As an example, if you pay $10,000 per year in school fees. When the exchange rate was K16 and you paid K160,000. Now the exchange rate is K27, it means you are now paying K270,000. What is more ironic is that these schools are increasing fees annually, and Zambians are being milked. ” lamented Dr M’membe.

He has requested the Bank of Zambia to pass a law that will equate the prices of all goods and services in kwacha.

By Elesani Phiri


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