Mass Resignation planned: North-East Region MPs hope to Trigger Constitutional Crisis

According to a source within the Patriotic Front (PF), the party’s MPs, Mayors, and Councilors from the North-East region are planning a mass resignation to force a constitutional crisis, hoping to trigger Presidential and General Elections before 2026.

This move appears to be driven by former President Edgar Lungu’s desire for a change in government by any means necessary before the end of the election cycle.The MPs also intend to resign in solidarity with nine lawmakers whose seats were declared vacant after the Miles Sampa faction expelled them from the party. Parliament has since declared their seats vacant.

The source revealed that the lawmakers are however greatly concerned about losing their mid-term gratuities, worth 2 million Kwacha each. To circumvent this, they are seeking funds from benefactors to compensate for the potential loss.

Notably the “Guptas of Zambia”—have been approached to provide K3 million each in compensation. Interestingly, the Zambian government owes the Guptas millions of dollars, accumulated during the PF administration. This appears to be the motivating factor for the Guptas.

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