Lusambo Eludes Capture in ACC Raid

Lusambo Eludes Capture in ACC Raid

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) found itself chasing shadows in its pursuit of former Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo.

According to a statement, the ACC had obtained a bench warrant from the Lusaka Magistrate Court to apprehend Lusambo, who had failed to appear for his scheduled court appearance on June 12th. Undeterred, the ACC officers descended upon Lusambo’s residence in Chamba Valley, armed with the necessary court documents.

However, the operation quickly turned into farce as Lusambo’s security team refused to cooperate. “The security officers refused to recognise the court documents and to cooperate with the officers and instead decided to lock the gate and walk away,” the ACC lamented. Faced with this obstruction, the agents had no choice but to break into the property, only to find their target had vanished into thin air.

Undaunted, the ACC officers resorted to technology, with Lusambo later placing a video call to them. The former minister reportedly informed the agents that he was not at his residence and was, in fact, in Livingstone.

The ACC’s corporate communications head, Timothy Moono, expressed the agency’s frustration with the ongoing game of cat-and-mouse. “On several occasions the state has been bringing witnesses to testify in a matter Mr Lusambo stands charged with… but the matter has been resulting in unnecessary adjournments due to his absence in court,” Moono said. “This prompted the Commission to apply for a Bench Warrant and a Search Warrant to search and find the accused and bring him before court to avoid the accused occasion another adjournment.”

The Lusaka Magistrate Court has now set June 18th as the date for the continuation of Lusambo’s trial, where the ACC hopes to finally apprehend the elusive Lusambo.

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15th June, 2024.

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