Edgar Lungu HH




Mr Edgar Lungu, the former president, possesses an innate ability to be relatable and approachable, which significantly influences the public’s perception of him.

This is among the reasons why President Hakainde Hichilema’s administration does not want him to be interacting with the general public.

His relatable and approachable qualities make him perceived as down-to-earth and able to relate to the ordinary citizen.

Even when he was president, he was accessible to individuals from all social classes, regardless of one’s wealth or poverty, education or lack thereof.

His ability to relate to people on a personal level has earned him the public’s affection.

His humanised leadership style has consequently lowered barriers between him and the general public, cultivating a strong sense of liking for him.

He does not present a scripted or polished image of a politician or president; instead, he is real.

It is therefore uncomfortable for President Hichilema’s administration to see him hold public meetings and make public appearances, because he will continue to win over hearts by connecting with citizens.

People prefer an approachable, relatable president rather than one who is aloof or elitist and exhibits traits and actions that put the needs and interests of a small group of people—usually the wealthy, powerful, or privileged—first.

Lungu’s approachability and relatability make it easy for him to cultivate the sense of community that is necessary in these trying times.

He is among the friendliest, easiest to talk to, approachable, and most accessible presidents to have ever graced State House.

He has a natural ability to foster an atmosphere where people are free to be who they truly are in his presence. Because of this, he finds it easy to mingle and work with everyone and to encourage inclusivity regardless of one’s social status.

His ability to elicit a strong sense of loyalty and support is also a result of his relatability and approachability. People connect with him because they recognise themselves in him as someone who has gone through similar hardships and experiences and has excelled in life.

If President Hichilema wants to improve his relationship with the public, he should learn from Lungu and become relatable and approachable to everyone, regardless of social status.

The community house should not be a loop of favoritism towards those who belong to President Hichilema’s social, economic, or political class.

Therefore, people will love and respect president Hichilema if he can become more approachable and relatable, as they will connect with him in a similar manner to how they do with Lungu. This may put an end to the police’s obsession with trailing Lungu everywhere she goes.

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