By Thomas Ngala


POLITICIANS such as Edgar Lungu and Edith Nawakwi are nothing but a bunch of bitter and frustrated individuals who have to date failed to accept the humiliating and historical defeat they suffered on August 2021, claims Elphas Munakaila.

He argues that Lungu has nothing to lose even if he is not re-elected into power because he has already been the republican president.

“…but not Mr [Lumezi Independent member of parliament Munir] Zulu and other younger politicians who are being used by the former president and the failed and hateful politician Edith Nawakwi and others. I feel it is best for young politicians in opposition to avoid being used by the failed politician whose interest is only to satisfy their own selfish egos at the expense of political development for young politicians,” Munakaila said in a statement. “There is a need for self-examination by all young and upcoming politicians if at all they have to grow in politics other than being used by selfish and frustrated politicians whose agenda is to use hate speech against HH (Hakainde Hichilema) as the current sitting President of the Republic of Zambia whenever they found some space to address the media.”

He said Zulu and others still have a long way to go in politics.

Munakaila advised them not to prematurely exit themselves from effective and active politics by accepting being used or “even misleading themselves by resorting to using hate speech or using vulgar language against the President”.

“Maintain your lane if you are to remain relevant in Zambian politics at large and avoid selecting yourself as a bad example of young politicians because there could be other young would-be politicians whose character should not be destroyed by your behaviour. Above all, there will never be a tribal president in Zambia but a republican one,” said Munakaila.

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