A YOUTH of Lusaka’s Kuku has been taken to court for allegedly biting off her neighbour’s lower lip during a scuffle, during which the suspect was stripped naked.

This is in a case 25-year-old Given Mulenga, a packer, is charged with grievous bodily harm. On October 14 last year, Mulenga allegedly caused grievous harm on Precious Mwaba.

The accused denied the charge before Lusaka magistrate Mutinta Mwenya. The prosecution team called several witnesses who testified against Mulenga and she was later found with a case to answer and placed on her defence.

Opening her defence yesterday, the woman narrated that on October 13, 2023, she knocked off from work and headed home.

Mulenga said when she reached her house, she found children in front of her door playing chiyato, a traditional local game of mathematics, mainly played as a leisure game.

“I wanted to pass and they (children) were not giving me way. I censured them for not giving me way before I chased them and they went, before I got into the house,” she narrated.

She said the following day, Ms Mwaba, her neighbour, went to her house around 22:00 hours while she was asleep.

“I got up, while wearing only a chitenge covering up to [my] chest, and opened the door and found Chilingo’s mother (Ms Mwaba). I greeted her.

“She asked me why I shouted at her child. I told her I did not shout at her child but that I yelled at the kids I had found on the door playing chiyato,” Mulenga said.

In cross-examination, the prosecution asked Mulenga if she had physical contact with the victim on the material day, to which she admitted.

“Did you bite her lower lip?” a prosecutor asked the accused, who responded in the affirmative.

The matter continues on February 16, 2024

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