Kenya’s nullified tribal jobs filled

Kenya’s nullified tribal jobs filled

OVER 1,406 jobs that were nullified by the High Court in Nairobi because the recruitment process was purely tribal and therefore unconstitutional are now being refilled on merit.

The Kenya Revenue Authority, had recruited the 1,406 revenue service assistants last June, but in October 2023 petition, a petitioner Peter Kabinga Orogo challenged the recruitment policy, arguing that 55.8% of those recruited were from two ethnic communities hence not representative of the data from Kenya’s last population census.

In his ruling, Judge William Musyoka said the recruitment violated the National Cohesion Intergration Act 2008 that barred any single Kenyan community from holding more than 33.3% of jobs in any public institution.

In the recruitment, two ethnic communities — President William Ruto’s Kalenjin and his deputy Rigathi Gachagua’s Kikuyu — were allocated 788 slots, representing 57% of the new staff

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