Kalaba wasn’t breathing when I got to him – Mephrine

Kalaba wasn’t breathing when I got to him – Mephrine

THERE are certain moments that define the essence of humanity; instances where selflessness, compassion, and courage intersect to showcase our best qualities.

It’s often the actions of individuals like Mephrine Moonga that stand as beacons of inspiration. Despite going on with her business while on a public bus, she didn’t hesitate to ask the driver to stop so that she could render some assistance to some accident victims, who at the time, were total strangers.

As fate could have it, one of those strangers was football star Rainford Kalaba. Due to her act of selflessness, Kalaba has since been discharged from hospital and is recuperating at home.

Her humility shines through as she downplays her role and simply describes it as doing what she was trained to do.

She narrates that she was on a public bus when she saw Kalaba’s car wreckage, observing how people were taking pictures and videos.

It was then that she requested the driver of the public bus if she could get off and help in some way, and the driver was kind enough to stop. Her decision to leave the bus felt like a calling from God because her conscience couldn’t allow her to just sit on the bus and witness someone battling for their life.

Thus, she thought it better to offer assistance, as in nursing, they were taught to deliver services to all.

And her act of humanity has paid off. With immediate effect, the Civil Service Commission has awarded her employment.

Credit: News Diggers

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