Petauke Independent member of Parliament Emmanuel JJ Banda clopsed at Chelstone Police station Friday evening after he was alleged slapped with attempted murder charge.

And his Lawyer Sakwiba Sikota says he fears for the life of his client.

Banda who had been admitted to Maina Soko Military Hospital was earlier taken for interrogation by Police before he was arrested and taken to Chelstone Police station where he is repotted to have collapsed from.

Below is the narrative of what happened as reported by the PF:


…Police determined that JJ doesn’t expose his abduction and slap him with a fictitious charge of attempted murder to lock him away….

Sakwiba Sikota fears for client JJ Banda
…as Banda is abducted third time in a week, starved and charged

From Maina Soko-31.05.24

State Counsel Sakwiba Sikota, the lawyer of hon. Jay Emmanuel Banda is concerned with the police treatment of his client who has collapsed and battling for his life in Maina Soko Military Hospital now.

This was after being ´abducted´ for the third time in one week after interrogation and charged at the police command centre Friday evening.

“My client was taken to police command centre about 10am, given no food or water and interrogated until about 5pm before being charged for an offence I understand could be an old old charge of alleged attempted murder and driven off without me as his lawyer,” said SC Sikota.

After police refused Sikota from accompanying hon. Banda the Petauke MP, the lawyer insisted that his wife accompany him alleged to Chelstone police, but the police instead headed for Kabwata police after ´shoving ‘Mrs Banda out of the car leaving him unaccompanied.

“This is the third time the man (Banda) is being abducted first from his car, from Medlands Hospital and now from the police command post without his lawyer in front of his wife,” said Sikota.

Sikota fears for his client’s health because after being deprived of food, “he collapsed on the way to Kabwata police so now he is back at Maina Soko, I have been denied access to him but his sister is in the ward.”

Hon. Banda has been in a critical condition according to his relatives after an abduction one week ago.

This is a developing story.

File picture: JJ Ban

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