Jay Jay Goes to Court Alleges Torture, Abduction by Senior Government Officials

Jay Jay Goes to Court Alleges Torture, Abduction by Senior Government Officials

Petauke Member of Parliament Emmanuel Jay Jay Banda has accused senior government officials of subjecting him to a brutal ordeal of torture, abduction, and illegal detention.

According to court documents document alleges that on May 25, 2024, Banda was driving home when his vehicle was suddenly blocked by several other cars. Armed men then emerged, demanding that Banda unlock his car. When he refused, they smashed his windshield and forcibly removed him from the vehicle.

Banda claims the men, whom he later identified as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd respondents in the case, proceeded to physically assault him. He alleges they beat him with a plank and cable, threatened to castrate him, and even pulled his tongue with pliers in an effort to extract information.

The petition states that Banda was then placed in the trunk of a car and driven to an undisclosed location, where he was interrogated and further abused. He claims the respondents accused him of being affiliated with former President Edgar Lungu and demanded he reveal the identities of Lungu’s supporters.

After several hours, Banda says he was dumped on the side of the road in Kafue, where he was eventually found and taken to a hospital. The petition alleges that even there, police officers attempted to forcibly transfer Banda to a military hospital against his will.

In his petition, Banda is seeking numerous declarations from the High Court, including that his constitutional rights to freedom from torture, inhuman treatment, and arbitrary detention were violated. He is also seeking damages for false imprisonment, anguish, and trespass to his person.

The case will send waves through Zambia, the 4th respondent, the Attorney General, is expected to file a response on behalf of the state.

This developing story highlights the ongoing tensions and allegations of abuse of power within Zambia’s political sphere. The High Court’s ruling in this case will be closely watched as a test of the country’s commitment to upholding constitutional rights and the rule of law.

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12th June, 2024.

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